MDS Trading Consulting was created five years ago. Its mission is to commercialize Argentine products in the foreign market with the vision of offering a service of excellence to the represented companies.

The company focused originally on the South African market, basically with construction products. Since 2003 we have visited eight times South Africa. Our presence there gave us the possibility to achieve a good knowledge of the market and, specifically, that of companies focused in the finishing construction products.

There are being commercialized marble mosaics, solid wood flooring, and Patagonian porphyry, industrial ceramic of high resistance and PVC ceilings. In a different market, it is also being commercialized Italian style men shoes.

The company continued with the development of new markets for the represented companies. This way, operations have been materialized with Mexico, Canada, Venezuela y Costa Rica. It has also been opened for men's shoes and first quality men’s shirts in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Also alloys of tin and lead for welding in Mexico and Chile .

In some cases the company operates as the foreign trade department of the manufacturers and explores the possible markets for its products. In others the company takes punctual markets for its analysis and looks after opening new markets.