Borders and listellos in a great variety of design and combinations.

Meshes with stones in different formats and combinations.

Products of 8 mm thickness, that make them suitable to combine with any type of covering, and to install where due to weight restrictions the marble is not possible.

More than 14 different colors, with own development that allows to offer unlimited models.

Stones such as travertinos, marbles, dolomitas in various colors allow to combine the products with different stones and ceramic tiles.


The porphyric rock is currently used by the building construction industry for floorings, traditional and ventilated-wall facings, It is a type of effusive volcanic rock.

This product has been used since ancient times for making sarcophagi, sculptures and various other objects as well as architectural structures.

Today the porphyry is widely used by architects as cladding and finishing material for paving, walls, building elements such as stairs, window ledges and frames and in general for floor covering.

The product comes as sawn or split edges tiles, massive steps, cubes, etc. The surfaces can be flamed.


Flooring and refurbiment of black natural slate from Argentinien quarries.

Calibrated floors in different sizes:
20 cm x 30 cm to 40 cm x 60 cm.
Thickness of 1 cm.
Finishings polished, antique and natural.

Non calibrated floors.
Natural, ideal for external environements.
Crazy paving, The irregular slate does not have even one cut in square and is not calibrated.