Magnetic tiles system allows a highly efficient installation. You can remove, replace, clean and store any tile at any moment.

It is a dynamic decoration concept giving a step forward in finishing drywall systems with a revolutionary method of interchangeable tiles.

It can be fixed either on tile floors or vertical surfaces or walls.

It can also be installed on pre-existent floors, repaired floors, etc.


Patchwork rugs are manufactured from tiles hairy hides (natural, animal printed and/or dyed).

The stitching used for their manufacturing varies between zig-zag, double or with handmade leather strips, depending on the design that has been chosen.

The sizes of the tiles can be from 10x10 cm until 50x50 cm.

There is also available:

  • Pull-up waxed cow leather rugs
  • BKF Chairs
  • Cushion covers


Rugs with designs oriented to the decoration of kids environments with the idea of creating of vital worlds for them to feel protagonists.

Inspired in design, color and natural raw materials.

In the same line it can also be find:

  • Fabrics
  • Cushions and blanquets
  • Furnitures
  • Accesories